Hello everyone!

My name is Sergei Kurbatov, I am an ordinary fellow, like thousands of others around the world: loving their country, respecting their President.

Once I came up with the idea: Is it possible to, with the help of just one sentence, unite people from all over the world?

Thus, the project ‘PutinIsNumberOne’ was born. I hope it will show how many compatriots live in the World agree with the principles of the President of the Russian Federation — Vladimir Putin.

Let’s find out how many of us there are, who we are and where we are from. It’s so easy to take a photo with the inscription in your native language «Let’s go, Putin! We are with you!» or «Let’s go, Putin! Russia (or any other country) is with you!» and upload it onto any social media with the hashtag #PutinIsNumberOne or #ПутинНомерОдин.

The main thing is to BELIEVE in what you are doing!

You can send your photo via email on putinisnumberone@inbox.ru, or upload it onto social networks like facebook.com, vk.com, instagram.com .

Vyacheslav Volodin

If there is Putin - there is Russia , if there is no Putin -there won't be Russia.

Ramzan Kadyrov

Putin gave to Chechen people the second life! Allah appointed him to the place of President. He proved to be a real godsend to the people and Russia. He gave us freedom...While he has a health, we need to kneel at his feet and ask to rule the state.

Nikita Mikhalkov

For me today (I have the happiness to say this because I have never asked anything for myself), with the name of Putin is associated the return of dignity to our country and to me personally.

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